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KIDS: I like to tell parents to let their kids be themselves. I know it can be difficult to get children to pose, but sometimes losing any expectations, gets the best shots! Have fun!

PARENTS: You may be so focused on if your child is posing, being silly, etc., don't forget about yourself (facial expressions), keep interacting with the camera and let me handle the kids.

COUPLES: think about what you love to do together, your favorite flowers, your favorite snacks, places...etc.

waterdown photography


Harsh sunlight can make for harsh shadows on the face, a tip to avoid this is to schedule the session either in the morning or my favorite time is the golden hour (1 hour prior to sunset). If it must be during the harsh sun hours, then we need to ensure there is shade. 

waterdown photography


Location is secondary so don't stress. I like to ask clients of any specific locations that have meaning to them (parks, fields, ice cream shops...etc). Remember it's about you, here are some ideas:

-invite me to your backyard

-making/eating ice cream cones

-blowing bubbles

-water gun fight or water balloon fight


-watermelon picnic

-dancing in the rain

-card game/board games

-washing your cars with soap fights

-picking strawberries/apples/blueberries


Think of anyone you know that has a cool location you could utilize (ie. horses/farms/cool cars/cool buildings...etc)

Think of something you have hidden in the attic or basement that would be interesting to use. 

What ever represents YOU.  It is worth to put a thought into this and let me know prior to session. Ask your kids what they would want to do for the photos to keep them involved and excited right away, they have the best ideas! It's all about candid moments!

waterdown photography


Feel free to consult with me about any help you need with choice of outfits. Sometimes the all white t-shirts may not be the BEST choice. Be yourself, but don't be scared to put a little extra thought into this if you want to go the extra mile. (ie. matching together in a theme; cowboy hats, dressing up). Details and accessories add "umph" to the photo. (Belts, headpieces...etc). A little effort and creativity goes a long way in photos.

waterdown photography

For a themed photoshoot we can collaborate on any props we may need (ie. picnic, cake smash). I keep the cost low by not providing props, I believe we can collaborate together with a little effort.

Bring to your session:


-snacks/drinks for kids (something special they will love ie lollipops)

-toys for kids

-flats for walking between photos

-different outfits you want to change into


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