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Who am I?

I have been photographing people for 12 years, it is my passion and I am so grateful to run my own business and most importantly, producing lifetime memories for my clients.

My other career is being a Flight Attendant. Can you tell I love people? And my number ONE passion is my son, I love being Momma and I love children!


If you ask about me, someone would probably tell you I am fun, outgoing and totally comfortable to be around. I take pride in my people skills but also my ability to bring out candid moments and details, that you'll want to remember over and over again.  It is such an honor for me to freeze a moment in a family or person's life and give them that moment to remember for the rest of their life.

Why Me?

What could potentially differ me from other photographers, is I take an authentic approach to my photo sessions. What does that mean? Well it means forget about the "say cheese"! Along with some good ol' typical poses (which are still important),  I will take your session to a whole new level of prompts and little games. Your job is to have fun, my job is to get the special moments I am looking for. It's easy to say "just be yourself", I get it. This is why it's my job to pose you and direct you along the way.

I hear a lot of portrait sessions start off  with "I am not photogenic"...  please stop and let me prove you wrong!

I guarantee, you will change that profile picture ;)   

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